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Associated Services

Our two associates are self employed and offer services which are separate to those offered by Youth Wellbeing Coaching CIC. 

 E Judith Murray

I am currently a supply Art and Design specialist in local schools since retiring from Hawick High School in October 2017 where I was an Art and Design teacher for 33 years. I qualified as a Drawing and Talking Practitioner in November 2018 and since then I have been treating a group of young people between the ages of 13 to 25 with this therapy, as a volunteer, both in Hawick High School and in the Hawick Community.

Drawing and Talking Therapy works by encouraging each side of a person’s brain to work together to process difficult or painful memories by combining drawing (a right brained activity) and talking (a left brained activity). Painful emotional memories are stored in visual form in the right-hand side of the brain and can be expressed in symbolic form in a young person’s drawings. Once on paper they then become accessible to the logical left-hand side of the brain. By talking about the drawing an internal acceptance process can take place enabling the person to acknowledge the experience is in the past and hopefully selfheal and learn resilience.

I passionately believe that Drawing and Talking therapy for some troubled young people who are suffering long term effects of exposure to earlier traumatic experiences can be the best way to process old and present concerns and worries in a safe gentle way. By allowing old memories to be safely stored as something that happened in the past and not still happening now, they can begin to selfheal, learn resilience and greatly improve their self-esteem and sense of wellbeing.

I am really looking forward to supporting Lynsay in this vitally important service she is offering the young people of the Scottish Borders.

£30 per hour

Mark Lafferty

I’m an addictions counsellor and I have been helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions for around 15 years. I hold a diploma in addiction counselling from Castle Craig Hospital and Napier University, a COSCA counselling skills certificate. I am a fully certified Reality Therapist and registered with the William Glasser Institute. 

I also hold a certificate to work with clients dealing with co-occurring disorders and a certificate in DBT. I also do reiki level 2. I previously practised addiction counselling at Castle Craig Hospital for five years. I offer one to one counselling which includes taking a full psycho-social assessment and a full chemical use history then I work with the client to create a treatment plan to address their issues.

I am also an experienced group therapist and have facilitated both men’s and mixed groups. I am experienced in mindfulness and have experience in delivering a six-week course for up to 20 clients. I currently run my own business helping clients lose weight. 

I also volunteer with the Serendipity recovery community network offering workshops and one to one counselling. In addition to the above I work one to one with addicts taking them through the 12 step programme of Cocaine Anonymous.

£50 for a 1-2-1 session

What our customers are saying

"Thank you for being my Turning Point. I was given a tailored session to meet my needs in a safe environment. I felt listened to and worthy. Thank you"

Fiona Laing